Sales & Marketing

SALES AND MARKETING – With more than 130 qualified and well trained sales and marketing employees, Codupha Sales Force actually covers 59/64 provinces and cities. – Sales and marketing workflows:.

  • By areas:
  • 1. HCMC/ Surroundings;
  • 2. Can Tho/ Mekong Delta
  • 3. Hanoi/ Surroundings/ Vinh/ North Central
  • 4. Đăk Lăk/ Highlands/Central.
  • By classifications:

1.Finished formulation: A. ETC: hospitals/medical Centers/Provincial Health Authorities/ Pharmaceutical companies (State-owned and private) B. OTC/ETC (tablets, capsules, sachets, syrups): pharmacies, wholesales. 2. Medical equipments and disposable items : hospitals/pharmacies wholesales. 3. API: manufacturing plants, contract manufacturing. 4. Cosmetic/Food supplements/Health care products/Nutritional products: pharmacies wholesales.

HOSPITAL TENDERS Codupha have the ability to meet all the demand s of drugs, medical equipment for hospital and treatment centers’s requirement. Codupha’s dedicated tender teams highly qualified and experienced, having good personal relationship with KOLS, key decision markers. Annually, Codupha’s awarded tenders are very high in most of the hospitals e.g. Every year, Codupha has won tenders in 137/140 hospital.