Distribution – Delivery

Order Processing

• Receipt of orders via phone, fax, emails

• If orders received by phone: orders must be taken manually during tele-conversation

• Oders by fax or emails and manually processed orders will be keying-in on computer which are processed in real-time into Invoice and Picking list.

• Invoices will be issued/printed in the next office while Picking Lists are processed and printed at the warehouse office.

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• Invoice processing staff cross-checks Invoice format in the computer with the manual processed orders: when found conformed, invoice printing step would start.

Physical Delivery

Distribution lead time:

Within HCMC, Cantho, Daklak and Hanoi:

Orders received before 10:00 AM, immediate delivery is taken place within the day.

Orders received after 10:00 AM, delivery within the next day.

Numbers of transportation means:

– Trucks from 1.2 Mt – 1.5 Mt: 4

– Trucks from 1.8Mt – 2Mt: 03

– Trucks of 5 Mt: 02

– Trucks of 7Mt: 01

– Trucks of 8Mt: 01

– Vans from 7 seats – 16 seats: 02

– Refridgerated trucks: 02

– Motocycles: 22

Emergency Delivery: Depending on the distance and level of urgency:

– Urgent w/in HCMC Can Tho, Daklak and Hanoi: 1 hour

– Urgent surrounding provinces/areas: 6 – 8 hour