Importation – Exportation – Customs Clearance

– Codupha is among a few companies having long experiences in direct pharmaceutical import / exports.

– Codupha is enlisted by the Customs as a prestigeous and excellent company in the pharmaceutical import/ export field and enrolled in the Customs’ “green line” clearance preference list, having access to the electronic Customs Declaration System.

– Codupha has separate and professional forwarding division, ensuring accuracy and fast Customs Clearance Procedures. Goods after clearance, are handled and stored according to the specific storage conditions as set by the manufacturers’ instructions.

– Customs Clearance Points: Ports and Airports

– Airports: HCMC and Hanoi

– Ports: HCMC, Haiphong (Codupha has 1000 m2 warehouse in Haiphong)

Trade Center

Timely implementation of the policy of the State in the direction of the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai v / v: Sort drug supply distribution system of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation Pharmaceutical Sector in particular and Vietnam in general; industrial development and modeling drug supply system of Vietnam during the period from 2007 to 2015 and vision to 2020.

The birth of the Center Distribution Pharmaceuticals Codupha, is the result of the proper direction of the leadership of the Ministry of Health; Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation and the Chief Pharmaceutical Company Limited TW2.

Center activities Distribution Pharmaceuticals Codupha is the first solution to move towards the professionalization of distribution operations Pharmaceutical Vietnam, high economic efficiency for the company, contributed to social benefits , contributing to the general policy of the Government, the Ministry of Health and the direction of the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation on construction projects the professional pharmaceutical distribution system standardized national GDP, to facilitate the implementation requirements for strengthening the management and control of drug-dealing activities, the prescribed standards, ensuring cost management requirements and the quality of drugs, people’s health service.

Pharmaceutical Distribution Center Codupha all 108 booths, construction standards “Good distribution practices” (GDP). Center: central air-conditioning system; Fire Alarm System; Automatic fire wall system and a number of other ancillary works such as: Warehouse standard GSP, the cafeteria , parking, service centers going into business advantages.

Cooperation with other units in the pharmaceutical industry throughout the country, contributing to the quality management standard drug response of GDP, supply retail distribution units, to the line of treatment to ensure the best quality, reasonable price most.

Center will be the first major distribution, important to Pharmaceutical Company Limited TW2 and the pharmaceutical business cooperation unit, perform the professionalization deeper in the supply of high-quality drugs , reasonable price reaches patients.

Distribution – Delivery

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Order Processing

• Receipt of orders via phone, fax, emails

• If orders received by phone: orders must be taken manually during tele-conversation

• Orders by fax or emails and manually processed orders will be keying-in on computer which are processed in real-time into Invoice and Picking list.

• Invoices will be issued/printed in the next office while Picking Lists are processed and printed at the warehouse office.

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• Invoice processing staff cross-checks Invoice format in the computer with the manual processed orders: when found conformed, invoice printing step would start.

Physical Delivery

Distribution lead time:

Within HCMC, Cantho, Daklak and Hanoi:

Orders received before 10:00 AM, immediate delivery is taken place within the day.

Orders received after 10:00 AM, delivery within the next day.

Numbers of transportation means:

– trucks from 1.2 Mt – 1.5 Mt: 4

– Trucks from 1.8Mt – 2Mt: 03

– Trucks of 5 Mt: 02

– Trucks of 7Mt: 01

– Trucks of 8Mt: 01

– Vans from 7 seats – 16 seats: 02

– Refridgerated trucks: 02

– Motocycles: 22

Emergency Delivery: Depending on the distance and level of urgency:

– Urgent w/in HCMC Can Tho, Daklak and Hanoi: 1 hour

– Urgent surrounding provinces/areas: 6 – 8 hour

Sales & Marketing

SALES AND MARKETING – With more than 130 qualified and well trained sales and marketing employees, Codupha Sales Force actually covers 59/64 provinces and cities. – Sales and marketing workflows:.

  • By areas:
  • 1. HCMC/ Surroundings;
  • 2. Can Tho/ Mekong Delta
  • 3. Hanoi/ Surroundings/ Vinh/ North Central
  • 4. Đăk Lăk/ Highlands/Central.
  • By classifications:

1.Finished formulation: A. ETC: hospitals/medical Centers/Provincial Health Authorities/ Pharmaceutical companies (State-owned and private) B. OTC/ETC (tablets, capsules, sachets, syrups): pharmacies, wholesales. 2. Medical equipments and disposable items : hospitals/pharmacies wholesales. 3. API: manufacturing plants, contract manufacturing. 4. Cosmetic/Food supplements/Health care products/Nutritional products: pharmacies wholesales.

HOSPITAL TENDERS Codupha have the ability to meet all the demand s of drugs, medical equipment for hospital and treatment centers’s requirement. Codupha’s dedicated tender teams highly qualified and experienced, having good personal relationship with KOLS, key decision markers. Annually, Codupha’s awarded tenders are very high in most of the hospitals e.g. Every year, Codupha has won tenders in 137/140 hospital.